Statement of Purpose


We understand that the human brain can be injured in many ways and for several reasons. Nonetheless, when dealing with neurodevelopmental disorders we also understand the human brain's innate ability to reorganize itself and form new connections throughout one's life irrespective of diagnosis. In other words, neuroplasticity reveals that a diagnosis does not have to be a destiny. Therefore, we at Specialtones focus on continued support toward neurological development. 

Music is able to induce a number of positive neurological changes because of sound's primary and fundamental role in human neurological development. The Specialtones app promotes the development of neurological capacity through specialized music designed to target and positively enhance neurophysiological processes linked to the behavior(s) identified in the data you provide every time you fill out the questionnaire.

Last but not least, specialized music listening is a kind of individual listening exercise. As such, a customized playlist may present an array of timbres and also loudness variation (dynamics), depending on the individual case. The listening environment should therefore be dedicated to the listening activity as much as possible. As well, the volume level should be audible and clear, but never louder than 50-60 decibels. For reference, remember that a normal conversation has a volume level of approximately 50 decibels. Please read our Q&A section for further details.