Music In Brain Matters is a series of six 30-minute podcasts about the ways in which music can improve our quality of life and change things for the better when it comes to children and adults with special needs. Clinical cases, scientific research and results are discussed throughout the series with the aim of explaining and illustrating the importance of music in human life. 


The first episode of Music In Brain Matters is about listening and, most importantly, listening to music. Understanding the act of listening is the best route towards really understanding why music has become so important to all of us.


On the second episode of Music In Brain Matters, we discuss and illustrate how music listening can help to treat Epilepsy. Indeed, there is a fair amount of scientific results showing that music listening can be a game changer across the board when it comes to Epilepsy. 

Autism part-1

On the third episode of Music In Brain Matters, we begin a conversation about the ways that music can be used to measurably help individuals with Autism. 

Autism part-2

In this episode, we resume our conversation about Autism and bring you closer to the techniques, the kinds of music and approaches that are currently used in order to achieve meaningful and welcome change in the behavior of autistic people, especially autistic children.


On the fifth episode of Music in Brain Matters we talk about music and aging, and the many ways music can serve elderly people and have a much appreciated impact on their health, and also on family members and care givers. 


On the final episode of Music In Brain Matters we discuss music and babies. We share with you the ways in which music can be a truly positive factor in the health and development of babies.