App Features



Here is where you can log in/out, register the child´s basic information, set your subscription preferences, choose your settings and also access our terms of use and privacy policy. 


The questionnaire is a simple yet reliable way to gauge the child's neurological capacity/behavior. Answer only the questions that are applicable to the child. The more focus on the specific issues that concern the child, the more accurately the playlist will fit the child. Consider each question carefully in order to establish dependable comparative benchmarks that can properly serve your assessment as you add to the child's history every time you fill out the questionnaire. Note that if not a single answer is given, the App will not yield a playlist. 


Every time you fill out the questionnaire a graph score will be generated and saved on your phone. This feature will assist you to monitor your child's progress in time.


You can set, change or add as many listening sessions to your schedule as you want. Be sure to select the desired hour, minutes and period (am/pm) on the clock and then press OK.


Press the Bluetooth icon on the top of the page in order to pair your mobile device with the speaker of your choice, connect it, adjust the volume to the desired level and press the “save” button. Please note that the audio media on your device is shared among other audio features. For instance, if you make or receive a phone call while the playlist is playing along, the listening session will be suspended during your phone conversation and then will automatically resume once you hang up. In case that happens and you have to change the device volume level during your phone conversation, adjust the playlist volume to the desired level once again and save it.


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