Nurture your special child through music listening at home

The Specialtones app is a user-friendly tool that lets you nurture your special child through music listening right at home. Download it now and start enjoying a 30-day free trial right away!

Specialtones brings you a comprehensive library of unique music playlists to trigger and promote your child’s neurological development.  Importantly, it does not matter which neurodevelopmental disorder may be afflicting the child. Whether your child suffers from autism, epilepsy, ADHD, cerebral palsy or had a stroke, specialized music listening can bypass diagnostic terminology and act directly on injured brain area(s).  

Our data collection feature allows for the automatic customization of music playlists according to user-generated data profile, and also for benchmarking change in motor, phonological, cognitive and social behavior.  And our scheduling feature lets you establish a listening routine for your child that will fit into your family's schedule. All on your cell phone.   

We are here to maximize the benefits that specialized music listening can bring to the life of your child. We do so in three easy steps, with features that were developed with the domestic reality of parents in mind.

Rest assured that the music in our playlists, like all types of sound pressure, is completely harmless when played at the level of a normal conversation (50-60dB). 

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Specialtones in 3 easy steps

1 - Questionnaire


Answer questions about  your child’s motor, phonological, cognitive and/or social behavior

2 - Customized Playlist


Our app automatically analyzes your answers and generates a customized 30-minute music playlist 

3 - Listening Schedule


Program a listening routine for your child that fits into your family's schedule

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